visual identity of the film institution

Silesia film is one of the oldest film institution in Poland. Operating since 1945 in three main areas: popularizing and promoting the cinematography through a network of local cinemas, support film activization in the region through Silesia Film Commission and is engaged in rescue and renewal of film heritage through the Silesian Film Archive.

Since 1945, Silesia Film logo has gone through several incarnations – invariably in its symbolism referring to the film tape. Today the film is still an important medium, but freed from the traditional media – just rectangle which associates the viewer: the big cinema screen, ipad, phone… The latest project intentionally breaks with the tape, replacing it with three intersecting planes-screens symbolizing the three overlapping fields of activity of the institution.

status__project implemented
where__Krakow / Katowice
client__Silesia Film

task: to make it bold


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